[development] Theme subscription's links from notifications

Salvatore De Paolis iwkse at gmx.com
Mon Feb 8 22:33:10 UTC 2010

i'd like to theme the links created by the notifications module, like subscribe
to content, type, author, ecc.
For doing that i'm try to hook the link_alter and overwrite the link in the way:

global $user;
$options = notifications_ui_subscribe_options($user, 'node', $user);
$i = 0;
foreach ($options as $index => $option) {
	$notify = 'notifications_' . $i;
	if ($option['type'] == 'thread') {
		$links[$notify]['title'] = "New title";
		$links[$notify]['attributes']['title'] = "New attribute title";
	if ($option['type'] == 'nodetype') {
		$links[$notify]['title'] = "New title";
		$links[$notify]['attributes']['title'] = "New attribute title";

I have two issues with this code. First, the notifications_ class is also used
with the taxonomy module, and this means when i do this change the Tags is
affected too.
Second, $option['type'] == 'nodetype' would match all types (profile, group,
ecc) and I can't really switch from that.

Anyone know a better way or some more info to make this code to work?

Thanks in advance

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