[development] multisite installation

Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 09:01:43 UTC 2010

Hey Jennifer,

My apologies for the confusion, I am actually doing that. Let me try to
re-explain. Under the sites folder I have:


a.abc.com -> a.example.com
b.abc.com -> b.example.com
c.abc.-com -> a.example.com

With this configuration there's really no problem, when I visit the module
listing section of a.abc.com I see the modules,themes listed under sites/
a.abc.com/modules, sites/a.abc.com/themes which is what I want.

This is the correct behavior, except I need to create a symbolic link for
every *.abc.com and these may number if the thousands. Alternatively, I
could create one abc.com symbolic link to catch *.abc.com, inside it I can
do a database lookup to know weather this should be pointing to
a.example.com or b.example.com (all of these folders are inside sites of
course) and conditionally change the connections string, filepath... but the
problem is with the modules/themes. Drupal will look inside sites/
abc.com/modules and sites/abc.com/themes when I would actually want it to
look inside sites/a.example.com/modules,themes when visiting a.abc.com and
sites/b.example.com/modules,themes when visiting b.abc.com

I hope this is clear enough this time.

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