[development] Form with 3 payment options

Holly Ferree hferree at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 18:17:10 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I have an event registration form to set up. I like using webforms (have
drupal 6 site). 

I need to know how to add payment type. Each registration is either $40 for
individuals or $50 for family (so I have two different amounts). And the
three payment options the client wants is:

1) I will bring Check or Cash to registration
2) online via Paypal
3) I will mail a check


Also in the form, I need the name and age of a child (for the daycare for
the event) and would like to put that on the same line so it would be:

Child's name:________________    Age:____

I figure having one child's info per line is easier to understand than:

1st Child's name:
1st Child's age:
2nd Child's name:

To put it on one line, should I create a form_name.tpl.php with the
appropriate field info to insert stuff where I want it or is there a better
way to do it? Or should I do Child 1 in a fieldset with the 2 fields and
then child 2 in another fieldset, etc. (that seems to be the easiest way for
drupal and just as easy to understand as the same line option)

Just wondering what is the best practices/way to go about the above.

I sent this to the consulting feed and the response was to do this with
Ubercart and install content type/product and add attributes for the
children. Just wondering if that's the right way to go.


Holly Ferree, Graphic Designer, BFA
hferree at gmail.com

PS BTW the issue last week was solved by drupal_add_js (and I added
jquery_update module as well). So thank you for all those that gave advice
:) It worked and I'm very happy not to be limited anymore:)

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