[development] Drupal's target audience

Steven Jones steven.jones at computerminds.co.uk
Tue Jan 5 16:20:52 UTC 2010

Hi Brian,

Given that the d.o infrastructure supports packaged install profiles I
would suggest that it would be very simple for you to create a 'Drupal
Power User' install profile that turned off the new hotness and turned
on some old tried and tested modules.

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2010/1/5 Brian Vuyk <brian at brianvuyk.com>:
> I think this whole overlay-in-core issue has kind of raised a fairly
> significant issue to my mind - who exactly is Drupal's target audience?
> It seems to me that alot of the changes made by the D7UX team were targeted
> at a certain demographic - new users, who don't necessarily have a lot of
> experience running a CMS.
> This is fair enough - obviously we want to attract new users. This makes for
> a strong and vibrant community. However, some of these changes seem to have
> come at the expense of the more experienced developers and site-builders who
> work with Drupal all day, every day. Two primary items come to mind:
> Overlay in core and enabled by default.
> The Toolbar module
> These impede the day-to-day operations for more experienced users. I suspect
> that these are items that are going to be disabled by most people in my
> position, and replaced with the Admin Menu module.
> I realize that they have shown benefits towards helping new Drupal users
> accustom themselves to the CMS, so they have value. At the same time, I
> don't want to have to go out of my way to disable this stuff every time I
> develop a website or set up a test or development environment.
> I wonder if there is call to have a separate, supported install profile for
> more advanced users that does away with some of these things?
> Thoughts?

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