[development] 'old' core 6 & new 7, working together..? +crossite

Ken Winters kwinters at coalmarch.com
Thu Jan 7 13:57:44 UTC 2010

Actually I would say that doing 5->6->7 all at once is a valid  
approach.  You cut down on testing, since
you have one fewer live push.  You also don't have to worry about  
replacing a module twice (first doing
a difficult to transition to 6 and then months later rewriting it  
again -- just rewrite it in 7 once).

- Ken Winters

On Jan 7, 2010, at 2:22 AM, Csuthy Balint wrote:

> On 8:59 PM, Ad wrote:
>> website owners don't have any reason left to step over from 5 to 6.
> If you are not a Drupal development company, then you have to switch  
> from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 now. There is no excuse for not doing it.

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