[development] ISAPI Rules

Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 17:44:29 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I'm using ISAPI rules to rewrite a URL transparently. As far as I know, this
acts like a proxy.

Let's say the browser access URL is "abc.com" and this is rewritten
transparently to "xyz.com", all works great except, the Drupal session is
saved with the domain "xyz.com", making me unable to read it when accessing
the site on "abc.com" because it's outside the domain.

I believe optimally I'd want Drupal to write it under the domain "abc.com"
rather than "xyz.com". I thought this might be a setting read from the
$base_url inside the settings.php but apparently not. Is there a way to
force the domain Drupal uses to set its cookies? I hope I got this right and
it makes sense. I appreciate any help or ideas.

Ashraf Amayreh
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