[development] Private file upload

Lee Rowlands leerowlands at rowlands-bcs.com
Wed Jan 13 09:53:16 UTC 2010

Hi All

Can anyone suggest/recommend a module to handle users uploading files where
only the uploading user can view/link to/access the file?

Kind of like a private upload/file store system.

The site will require public download method, except for these files.

I've looked at IMCE but it doesn't appear to prevent hotlinking.
I've looked at private_upload and private_download.

I'm really looking for the private download/upload features of
private_upload with the 'each user has a personal file collection' features
of IMCE.
I also like the idea of combining the token aspect of uploadpath to force
files into a directory per user and then replicate the .htaccess based
access permission checking of private_upload (forces redirect to replicate
private download method).

To complicate this further I need to allow anonymous users to upload files
(temporarily of course) but each anonymous user cannot see the other. To
retain the files, the user would need to register/sign in but not requiring
this upfront show lower the barriers to using the site.
Again I'm leaning towards forcing files into a folder per session id with
access controls via .htaccess.

To further complicate things, files will not be attached to a node - but it
is fine if they are attached to a user.

Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Lee Rowlands

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