[development] Different default local task in tabs?

Zhang Xiao xellzhang at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:24:39 UTC 2010


In my case I have menu entries like:

1) is MENU_LOCAL_TASK, it displays in primary tabs and is called "Feedback"
2) is MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASK, it displays in secondary tabs and is called "Add"
3) and 4) are MENU_LOCAL_TASK, they display in secondary tabs called "Received" and "Sent"

1) and 2) go to same page - a form where current user can leave a feedback for user #123.  BUT the user #123 CANNOT leave a feedback for him/herself.
3) lists feedbacks #123 has received while 4) lists feedbacks #123 has sent for others. Both are only visible for user #123 him/herself.

the problem now is when #123 go to his/her profile,  primary tab "Feedback" is not visible because the form page is denied. So he/she cannot see all sub tabs include "Received" and "Sent".

How can I set different default local task so when user goes to own profile page, "Received" tab will be active by default instead of "Add"?



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