[development] CCK Noderef and Views

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Jan 18 18:20:36 UTC 2010

nan wich wrote:
> I have two content types: members (not users) and committees. I have the 
> member type set up to use Nodereference to be able to make a member part 
> of a committee. Now I want to create a view to show the committees and 
> each one's members. Showing all teh committees is easy, but how do I 
> then show all the members who are part of that committee?
> Maybe I'm just too short on sleep.

Next to Relationships, select the +.

Select the 'Content' set. Add the one for your node (user? either way 
works) reference. Add it, the required checkbox will change the JOIN 
from LEFT to INNER if it is checked.

Then add your fields.

Note that the reference goes only one way: It goes from the node with 
the field to the node that is referenced. But you can go backward by 
using the node referrer module, it provides a second relationship that 
can go the other way.

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