[development] Passing CCK form values to Panel

AustinCMS chana at austincms.com
Fri Jan 22 17:46:14 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I have trolled the depths of the Internet for what I thought would be
straight-forward - and can't seem to get the documentation - or the answer
to this. There are two issues:

1. I have a CCK form (with demographic information). I need to pass a subset
of those filled-in values to a panel or a page. Either one will do.
(Although Page seems better for
some other reasons, down the road.) There are a total of 8 fields, 2 are

2. I recently saw a tutorial around this that used PHP within Views 2.
However the "PHP Argument Code" box is not displaying on my instance. Was
this removed in
a later revision? (The tutorial is dated from 2008). PHP Filtering is turned
on and I am User 1.

Thanks very much in advance!

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