[development] verbose_permissions_help Module Idea

Shai Gluskin shai at content2zero.com
Mon Jan 25 21:57:25 UTC 2010

While we are vetting module ideas....

I have been consistently underwhelmed with help that site builders/admins
get when trying to assign permissions to roles. Permissions are incredibly
important and obviously have big security implications, but that is often
really hard to do with the often cryptic short phrases on the permissions
page. While I understand the need for uncluttered UIs, I think the current
approach for guiding admins in setting perms is inadequate.

The Verbose Permissions Help module would create a hook_verbose_perm_help
api function that would allow module writers to create extra help
information for each permission. The module would then display that
information via a tool tip or some other way (ideas?) that would display
when hovering on an "I" icon next to the existing perm description. The
module would likely provide the verbose help text for all core perms.

Would module developers need to put hook_verbose_perm_help  in a sub module
activated separately so that a "call to undefined function" wouldn't pull
down the site when the Verbose Permissions Help module is not there or not
turned on?

Does this exist? (It seems like what "Advanced Help" is trying to do is much
more expansive and with a very different approach.)

What do people think of the idea? Is this needed in your estimation? Easy to
pull off? What am I not thinking of?

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