[development] How do I write to the database?

ad4m adam at ludwinski.net
Fri Jan 29 12:48:47 UTC 2010


I can help you, but need some more information. What exactly you want to
write to the db. Are you using Computed Field module for CCK?

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Adam Ludwinski
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2010/1/29 AustinCMS <chana at austincms.com>

> My colleague is trying to simply write to a mysql database. And having
> a pretty difficult time of it.
> He has gone through the forums, posts, books and Pro Dev Drupal and is
> still having
> a problem
> We are wondering if it is because he are working with computed fields?
> Does that make any difference
> in syntax, for example?
> If someone could post any samples they have used of syntax - writing
> to a Drupal 6.15, standard install using
> computed field values - we would be so grateful. If it works, send me
> your address - and I'll send you
> a $100.00 bucks in pure gratitude!
> Kind regards,
> Chana
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