[development] Drupal 7 API Change notification: $db_prefix removed, results

Randy Fay randy at randyfay.com
Sat Jul 3 01:30:33 UTC 2010

*We try to notify this list when API changes are made in Drupal 7, so
contrib and custom developers have a chance to fix their code before they
have the pain of figuring out why it's broken.

*Two API changes to report today. The first probably affects any site or
module which makes use of $db_prefix, and the second probably affects

   1. All handling of *database prefixes *was changed
   global $*db_prefix has been removed*, which affects settings.php in any
   existing Drupal installation which uses it. Also, any module which uses the
   APIs surrounding database prefixes (think Table Wizard, Data, Views 3, etc.)
   then you will be affected and need to study the API changes.
   2. An obscure FAPI change (issue <http://drupal.org/node/736298>): If any
   contrib module is setting #*access=FALSE *or #*disabled=TRUE *of a
   clicked button within a #*process function *it will need to change that
   into either a proper multi-step form or move that code into a #pre_render


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