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E.J. Zufelt lists at zufelt.ca
Mon Jul 12 02:36:32 UTC 2010

Good evening all,

I recently posted on twitter that I would be willing to do some accessibility evaluations of Drupal projects and thought I'd post the offer here as well.

I am willing to provide 3 accessibility evaluations of Drupal projects (provided they are not huge).


1. The request must be made by a maintainer of the project
2. Some reason should be given as to why this would be valued by the project
3. Not first-come first-serve, I will be picking the 3 projects that I think will benefit most from having an evaluation

The reason for this is that I 1. happen to have too much time on my hands, 2. would like to give back to the community, and 3. would like to further promote module and theme accessibility.

You can respond to this post, or send requests to me directly.

Everett Zufelt

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