[development] SQL and connection strings

Ronald Ashri ronald at istos.it
Fri Jul 16 05:34:04 UTC 2010

> 2.  The connection string (with passwords).  Right now I have the site
> admins hack in connection strings for external databases into settings.php
> in the sites folder.  That probably won't work for a true ad hoc reporting
> solution, since we may want users to be able to connect to databases from
> the UI?  Is it untenable to store these using variable_set?  Are there any
> ideas for securing them inside the drupal DB?

I can confirm that you can connect to dbs by dynamically adding connection
strings stored in the DB to  $GLOBAL['db_url'] at any time, which does save
having people editing settings.php

We do it to connect to other Drupal databases for queries.

For external DBs might be interesting to see if you could use Data (
drupal.org/project/data) to integrate with Views and let users build the
queries via the Views UI. Never tried dynamically doing that but I think it
is worth considering.


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