[development] Views Exposed filter hiding field values

Idan Arbel idan at arbel-designs.com
Thu Jul 22 12:32:32 UTC 2010



I have a very strange issue with views exposed filter - I have a node with a
cck select fields with to values "give" and "take"

These fields are used as an exposed filter so that users can filter the list
according to either give or take, I'm using the "is none of" operator
because I want a user to see the opposite of what he's selected - filter by
give you see all the takes, filter by take you see all the gives.

So far so good. The weird issue is that I'm displaying the field value
(under fields). And when I filter according to the field, the value is
missing. So I filter according to "give" I see all the take nodes, but the
field that displayes the "take" is missing.

When I don't use the exposed filter (set to any) I see the fields.


Now when I change the exposed filter operator to "is one of" I see the field
when filtering.


Any idea why this is happening - the exposed filter shouldn't really affect
individual fields correct?



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