[development] Memcache API and performance options

John Fiala jcfiala at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 17:10:29 UTC 2010

Well, you're right - the memcache api is overriding the cache_get and
cache_set functions in standard Drupal to read/write to memcache
instead of to the tables.

You do still need to turn on the performance options to get the full
benefit of that - such as the page cache, block caching, and so on.

That said, block caching can be a bit odd if someone's not been paying
attention as they've created custom blocks - by default blocks get
cached by role, but sometimes you want something more specific than
that... I suggest turning the performance optimizations on and doing
some testing... hopefully you can clone off a dev copy of the site.

John Fiala

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