[development] Allowing users to create easy pre-fab sites?

Antonio P. P. Almeida perusio at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:39:28 UTC 2010

On 28 Jul 2010 16h06 WEST, bob at bobforthejob.com wrote:

>> 1. Be assigned a template domain/site with some default pages with
>>    some lorem ipsum text (should be easy to accomplish using rules)
>> 2. Be able to switch themes on their domain only (I'm not sure how
>>    to do this)
>> 3. It'd be totally awesome if they could modify there themes by
>>    dragging and dropping blocks to change the layout of their
>>    particular site (again no idea how to do this)

Try panels. It gives you a degree of control that, AFAIK, is
unmatched by other modules out there. With panels_everywhere you can
do whatever you want with the full page template.

>> 4. Grant other users the ability to edit their site (I'm not sure
>>    how to do this without exposing my entire user list to them....)

No problem with panels. Define a set of layouts. Define stuff that
each group of users can add to a panel region. That's the way I would
approach that problem.

--- appa

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