[development] menu_navigation_links: bug or feature?

As If Productions everyone at asifproductions.com
Wed Jun 9 12:26:25 UTC 2010

I feel your pain, Matt.  I just had a designer do this to me, 
too.  Sometimes he made a 'landing page' for a section, and other 
times he wanted the first internal node of that section to BE the 
landing page.  Don't you love inconsistency?  Anyway, the client 
greenlighted the design, so that's what I had to build.  (In 
addition, the whole thing was tied to a hierarchical taxonomy with 
access rules which further complicated it.)  I consider this problem 
to be an inherent limitation of the menu system.  The real "problem" 
is the designer.  ;-)

Anyway, I too considered using drupal_goto(), but that is really a 
rookie move, and could cause search indexing problems.  Instead, I 
ended up writing a custom preprocess_page hook, and overriding 
theme_links().  It's a hairy approach, but it worked for me.


At 05:00 AM 6/9/2010, you wrote:
>I'm at a loss how to proceed... There is an evil hack that works:
>replace the top level node/1 with a new php-filter node that does a
>My other option seems to be to write a custom replacement for
>menu_navigation_link() that does the work of menu_tree_get_data() in a
>way that works here, but that feels equally wrong.

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