[development] Having different content at the same alias for different domains in Domain Access

David Hart david.hart at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 10:12:18 UTC 2010

I'm using Domain Access with two sites, foo.com and bar.com to allow
content and users to be shared between the different URLs. They share
most pages with one or two different. Where the pages are different,
I've created different aliases (foo.com/contact and

One of the pages they share in common (foo.com/baz and bar.com/baz)
has had some minor text changes so that it now has to be different on
both sites. While the original is still at foo.com/baz there's a new
page bar.com/baz-new and baz is no published on bar.com.

The problem now is that bar.com/baz gives an access denied for any
incoming links (from Google/bookmarks/printed material). I can't use
URL Alias or URL Redirect to change bar.com/baz to bar.com/baz-new as
neither of these are Domain Access aware.

Almost as problematic, it also means having to manually add back in
all the submenu items under baz to go under baz-new (50+ child items)
and keeping them in sync in the future if I ever add/move/delete any
more children to the baz menu.

Potential ways I can see to solve it are:

1. In a custom module check the URL and, if it's bar.com/baz, issue a
2. Leave baz on bar.com, create baz-new and then in a custom module
swap the contents of baz for baz-new when it's output on the page (in

1. is a simple way to solve the broken url issue but doesn't help with
the menu problem
2. seems to do both as long as whoever maintains the site knows that
all future copy changes to bar.com/baz have to be done a different way
to every other page on the site. I guess I could try and intercept
things if baz is edited from bar.com.

Are these my only options or am I missing something obvious? Is there
a way to set baz-new as being the same menu-wise as baz. Looking in
{menu_links} I guess it would mean somehow changing baz-new to have
the same mlid as baz whenever it's called?

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