[development] State of geo and google map modules?

KOBA | Hans Rossel hans.rossel at koba.be
Tue Jun 22 07:19:27 UTC 2010

I have been using gmap/location quite a bit for all my larger projects
before, but have now moved over to http://drupal.org/project/gmaps (with s:
Google Map Tools module), which has a much easier end user interface (eg
location picker) and a better more complete implementation of all the latest
stuff of the Google Maps API. Its a bit more complex to setup but you also
have a lot more options and possibilities and it is actively maintained with
recent stable versions.

There has not changed much in the old gmap module over the past years in my
opinion and that's a pity. I really hope it's true that the dev version will
give an interesting new stable release but I don't understand why they
cannot just release a bit more stable versions between now and december
2008, the last stable version. I'm not so fond of using a dev version on
live production sites.

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