[development] re-arranging mutlivalue fields

Raimund Hofmann drupal at raimund-hofmann.de
Fri Mar 5 06:46:46 UTC 2010


you may have a look at the 6.3 branch of CCK. A multigroup has been 
introduced, which can handle multiple single fields (i.e. noderef + 
text) as one.

Raimund Hofmann

Bruno De Bondt schrieb, am 04.03.2010 22:32:
> Hi,
> I have two CCK multivalue fields (a nodereference field and a
> textfield), both with a set amount of maximum values. My goal is to
> build a form that lists these fields as 'nodereference + textfield'
> groups, in order to simplify user input. This doesn't seem to be so easy
> to do with form_alter(), since a multivalue field is an array of its
> own, so re-ordering the fields seems tricky.
> Does anyone have ideas on how to approach this?
> thanks,
> - bruno

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