[development] Calendar views filter issue

Karyn Cassio karyn at karyncassio.com
Mon Mar 8 19:20:37 UTC 2010

Happy Monday to all,

I have an issue that has been plaguing me for a few days now.
I am using calendar view, but instead of showing the month in the 
calendar grid, I am listing the events for the month out.
This works fine, and the date browser Prev, Month, Next, works perfectly.

However, I also want my visitors to be able to filter the events by 
month and/or event type.
For this I have exposed filters to allow this.
However, in the preview, the filters will not effect the output at all.
I click an event type, and all event types are returned to me.
Select a different month, and all events for the current month are returned.

However, if I copy the derived query to mysql and run it, the results I 
expected are returned.
Any thoughts as to why I'm not getting the filters to properly effect 
the output on either the web page or the preview?

Thank you for any thoughts you may have,

Karyn Cassio
Drupal Developer

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