[development] form_api: same form called multiple times, wrong form_state values

nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 14 02:36:00 UTC 2010

In Drupal, I recommend staying away from hidden values as they actually do allow for a miniscule possibility of hacking. Instead use '#type' => 'value' which will not present on the rendered form. I have never had any trouble with altering it in multistep forms.
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From: Hans Langouche <hans.langouche at gmail.com>
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Sent: Sat, March 13, 2010 8:53:26 AM
Subject: [development] form_api: same form called multiple times, wrong form_state values

Hi all,

I have a small admin form (2 buttons and a hidden value) that is repeated multiple times (each time the value is different).

Now whenever I access $form_state['values'] from the submit function, the hidden value always returns the data from the first form.  When I print out $_POST directly I do get the correct data.

I've been searching this and it seems this is because the form_state is cached.  I couldn't find any workaround though, so for the moment working with $_POST.  Anyone know the correct way to do this ?


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