[development] order in which regions are rendered

Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 14:32:59 UTC 2010

Thanks for the replies. You're right, the regions do render as declared
inside the .info file, but knowing that still doesn't solve the issue.

For example, some regions are added through preprocess
(theme_preprocess_node) which are rendered on node pages before the rest of
the regions. Anything inside the node.tpl.php is also rendered before all
other regions. So you still can't guarantee that one region is rendered
before another. What I need is to generate javascript inside blocks
according to their placement on the page. What I tried was placing a static
variable inside hook_block on $op = view and incrementing that, but as I
showed, this didn't solve the problem because you can't be sure what regions
will be rendered in what order.

The only way I see it is to somehow modify the fully rendered page HTML
before it's sent to the browser using regular expressions. Is there a way to
do that? And if doable, how costly in performance would it be?

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