[development] Interacting with Views Tabs via code

Sam Tresler sam at treslerdesigns.com
Mon Mar 29 15:58:41 UTC 2010


   Not sure if this is the best place, but I've come across an  
interesting problem and I'm not certain how to proceed.  I have a 3  
tabbed view (you can actually see the live version here: http://livestrongaction.org/featured_dedications) 
.  I want to add a 4th tab, and thought this would be simply adding a  
custom module with hook_menu and a MENU_LOCAL_TASK.   However, it  
appears that views is doing something that prevents hook_menu from  
interacting there.  I next thought I would try hook_menu_alter, but I  
can't see the three tabs being rendered in the &$items array passed  
into that hook.

   Now, I could just intercept this at the theme level and add what I  
needed, but that seems kludgy.  I'm tempted to move the entire view  
into code, but not sure how that would necessarily help this  
situtation.   I may ask on IRC< or the views support queue, but  
thought this list may be able to give me a few leads.

Any idea how to get a menu tab to render on a tabbed view?   Hope I'm  
not missing something obvious.  Thanks in advance.

-Sam Tresler

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