[development] dev release of contrib module using CVS HEAD

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 6 11:59:43 UTC 2010

David Cohen wrote:
> If I get what you're saying, I can create the DRUPAL-6--3 branch, then
> when the time comes create the DRUPAL-6--4 branch off of that, and so
> on.  It will have a bizarre effect on the version numbers, making them
> unnecessarily long, but I guess most people wont notice that.  And the
> HEAD branch will just be left as is till the end of time (or end of
> drupal cvs which will hopefully be soon).
> But even still, there is now a 2.x dev release being created from the
> HEAD branch which conflicts with the DRUPAL-6--2  branch, and I have no
> way to prevent that release (HEAD) from being built.
> I can't be the only one to have encountered this.  How do other contrib
> developers deal with it?

I tend to match HEAD to the latest revision before creating the branch 
for the next Drupal major version.  But only to help control the CVS 
revision numbering.  So I'll update head with the latest code from the 
6.x branch and then make my 7.x branch from it.  All other branches come 
from the newly created branch.  In essence the branch for the Drupal 
major version becomes the HEAD for the Drupal release.

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