[development] Imported nodes using filtered HTML

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 7 21:23:03 UTC 2010

Karyn Cassio wrote:
> Unfortunately it's not a traditional RSS feed, it's a custom feed from a
> subscription service.
> I started writing a plugin for Feeds Module, but I time is a constraint
> at the moment.
> Probably will circle back to that at a later time.

RSS is easy to create as an output.  You create your script to get the 
custom feed data, write the output as RSS and then use the existing 
feedAPI Node module to load Drupal by pointing the feed page to your 
script.  If you have different custom feed locations you can control it 
with _GET parameters.  Then you have the controls to keep the data 
forever or remove it after x time old.

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