[development] Creating glossary/dictionary style links for a list of nodes.

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Tue May 11 00:35:13 UTC 2010

Well, I could use another maintainer on the Glossary module.
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Subject: [development] Creating glossary/dictionary style links for a list of nodes.


I have a requirement for "glossary" style links, but a little bit beyond just A | B | C etc.  What is required is that if you select A in the previous links you get a set of links like Aar - Aba | Aba - Ada | ... etc.  I could write custom code for this but I'm hoping that maybe I can make this a bit more re-usable and, knowing that views can do the first part at least, perhaps making this something that is an addition to views.  Does anyone have any ideas about this path (I'm thinking a custom display) that would make this useful?  Effectively it's a pager, so another thought might be to override the pagers that views uses, but I'm not sure that is even possible.


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