[development] How to pass form values to page that actually does something.

Damien Tournoud damz at prealable.org
Tue May 11 07:17:59 UTC 2010

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 8:14 PM, Bayne, Sam <sbayne at sccd.ctc.edu> wrote:
> We're doing testing with option A.
> The idea of using the md5 for query_id is a good one for saving space in the database, but we actually want to prevent caching on the client.
> That's why we went with option A in the first place.
> This also has opened up the idea of saving recent or favorite searches per user or session.
> In the meantime, we're timestamping the queries, and we can clear out old ones with cron.

A bunch of clarifications:

- displaying results in a POST (on form submission) is just a bad
idea. Don't do that, you should use GET.
- if you really want to display results in a POST (remember: don't do
that), use the form submit function for what it is designed to do:
take action. In your case the action is to rebuild the form and
display the result there: store the results in $form_state['storage'],
and display that in your form callback.


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