[development] Drupal 6 bugfix release expected June 2nd

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sat May 29 13:13:02 UTC 2010


Since we have several interesting bugs fixed in the development
version of Drupal 6, I'd like to do a bugfix release on June 2nd. If
you happen to have some opportunity to help, I suggest one of the
following three options (in this order):

1. First and foremost, it is important to ensure we do not introduce
new regressions in the system. Since Drupal 6 lacks automated tests,
you are our testing army (this approach also known as crowdsourced
testing). You choose whether we find out issues before the rollout of
the new version on your live server or after. Testing on PHP 4, with
mod_gzip, on systems where one of the top bugs were reproduced, etc.
are especially useful.

2. Second, if for some reason you think (1) is not applicable to you,
the RTBC queue has some nice bugs and fixes which would do with some
verification. There are currently 17 RTBC issues waiting to be
committed. But RTBC does not equal immediate commits, since often
waiting on more positive feedback and the attention of the maintainer
experienced in the field is useful to ensure it will not break your
sites. Once again, no automated testing means we need numerous
verifications of bugfixes of any significance to be comfortable to
roll into Drupal. Therefore bugs being in the RTBC queue for long is
by design unless many people jump onto reproducing the issue and
testing the fix in various environments. A few is not enough, we need
many. The queue is at

3. Last, but not least, you might have some pressing issues not yet in
this queue. Due to the explained need for testing in (2) and the
explained possibilities of regressions in (1), new bugs getting into
the queue have less likeliness to actually end up in the upcoming
Drupal 6 release right away. However, you might still be able to
convince some people in the community to jump on your bug and help
fix/verify/ensure/double-check/test-again/you know-it. At worst, it
will get fixed in a later Drupal 6/7 release.

Ps. in all cases, please ensure that the bug was either already fixed
in D7 or is not applicable to D7 before working on the D6 version of
the fix.

Thanks for all your help,
Gábor Hojtsy - Drupal 6 co-maintainer

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