[development] htaccess help

António P. P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Mon Nov 15 18:27:04 UTC 2010

On 15 Nov 2010 16h41 WET, lynn at stottdesign.com wrote:

> [1 <text/plain; US-ASCII (7bit)>] In case some just types in
> www.mysite.com/contact ? (without the /bv).  For some reason my log
> shows users have tried this.

I've moved to the greener pastures of Nginx, and therefore I'm a but
rusty in Apache config (which is messy), but I presume that what
you "really" want is an alias and not a redirect.


You don't want to reflect in the URI the file system mapping of the
document root. Is it?

--- appa

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