[development] Can't suppress E_NOTICE message/

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I heard a rumor that Aquia is developing a class in association with Hogwarts 

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Well, thank you for all of your help - especially Don!!! :-)

Not certain exactly WHICH tip did the trick, but - it actually vanished when I 
followed all the suggestions AND (now this is weird)
truncated the error log! Went back in refreshed in all three browsers and it's 

Sometime I think you need to have witch doctor credentials to wrestle with 
Drupal.. there's ALWAYS something to learn..

Thanks all - SO MUCH!


On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 12:05 AM, Don <donald at fane.com> wrote:

I understand. Believe me. :)
>I'd also go into site building -> themes and save the global configuration 
>settings. That should guarantee the list used in $hooks is cleared and 
>I use Nusphere's phpEd debugger which lets me break and step through line by 
>line. You can also see the values of global and local variables. They have a 
>trial if you want to try them. I've also used notepad++ with xdebug which is 
>open source.
>Since it checks if $cache[$hook] is set before executing, I'd look at 
>On 11/23/2010 11:50 PM, Chana Campos wrote: 
>Well, doing an ini_set("display_errors, 0); in index.php had no effect. I AM 
>clearing caches, etc in between these various
>>attempts, btw...
>>Putting a stake in this thing's heart seems harder than it should be....Going to 
>>go cruise the error log and see if anything might show up in there....

Chana L Campos
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