[development] Specifying .tpl.php file locations

Tue Oct 5 15:12:51 UTC 2010

Hi! This may be the wrong forum to ask this question; if so, please let me know where I should be directing this question.

I am developing a theme, and would like to use the system provided 'block.tpl.php' file for most blocks. However, for menu blocks I would like to use a different .tpl.php file. I can modify the 'template_files' array in theme_preprocess_block() to include the file, and the devel_themer module then shows the file name added to the list of possible suggestions, but unless I have a file called 'block.tpl.php' in my theme directory, it ignores the file I want it to use. This is sub-optimal because if there are any security changes made to 'block.tpl.php' in future Drupal 6 versions, the changes will not propagate.

Is there any way to do one of the following?

1. in 'theme_preprocess_block' specify the path to a .tpl.php file to be used, so that I don't need to have a file named 'block.tpl.php' in my theme directory


2. in the 'block.tpl.php' file, somehow tell Drupal to use the one provided by the system instead?

Also, is there some place I should be looking for documentation on how to do this? I've been through much of the Theming manual on drupal.org looking for this information already...


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