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jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Sat Oct 9 05:25:27 UTC 2010

Whoa! Retirement age??!!  I used punch cards, card sorters, wrote device 
drivers to get the keyboard to talk to the cpu, developed functions to 
store and retrieve records from files before databases, and wrote my 
first few dozen apps in mnemonic assembler, used 8" hard-sectored 
floppies, a converted IBM selectric as line printer, CP/M, PC-DOS, 
Windows 1, and remember my jaw dropping when they rolled out the first 
CRT (you can backspace?!)... and I've got at almost 20 years yet until I 
retire, though I can take up a collection if I need to go sooner!

On 10/09/2010 12:52 AM, Earl Miles wrote:
> Yes, Nancy, there are actually a few adults on this list. Though I doubt
> many of us are old enough to have actually USED a punch card, since
> people who did work on punch cards should be pretty close to retirement
> age by now.

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