[development] Views field handler being ignored

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Oct 18 04:41:32 UTC 2010

On 10/17/2010 7:45 PM, jeff at ayendesigns.com wrote:
> 3. my_views.inc is the same as node_views.inc except
>         the function names are changed from node_views to my_views
>         in my_views_handlers() the handler for field node is changed to
> my_handler_field_node
>         in $data['node']['title'] the handler name is changed to
> my_handler_field_node

What happens when both 'node' and your 'myviews' return $data['node'].
When you look at $data['node'] which do you get?

This is why you must use hook_views_data_alter() to modify tables owned
by other modules rather than hook_views_data(), otherwise you get
undefined results when PHP tries to figure out which one of you wins the

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