[development] Stable entity type ids in D7?

jeff at ayendesigns.com jeff at ayendesigns.com
Mon Oct 18 17:10:30 UTC 2010

I have a couple dozen fields in my db. When we went from alpha6 to 
alpha7, the entity type id for comment changed from 2 to 1, and node 
from 1 to 2. I had to change all the ETID columns for my field 
instances, as well as the node blobs where entity type id is also kept.

Now in beta1, comment is back to being 2, and node is back to being 1, 
and all my node fields have 2 in the entity type id and node blob and my 
fields aren't listed again on the content type.

Is there a reason this keeps changing? Is there a way I can get back 
into synch more easily than doing all that work again? I could just 
change the entity types, but I don't want to have to do that again with 
every release.


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