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Oh sorry... let me rephrase a bit.  No need, whatsoever to fudge the catalogs by domain, that's actually part of the domain access modules.  You have the ability to "show on all domains" or pick specific domains to show each node on.  So it should be extremely easy and straightforward to manage that bit.  I think we had set up separate payment processors for each domain, as well (this may have been a custom module, IIRC), so that piece is doable as well.


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On 2010-10-20, at 10:23 AM, jeff at ayendesigns.com wrote:

> Well, so far that sounds doable, that the only development would be simulating separate books based on the sku. 
> If I can 'fudge' separate catalogs by controlling which store the item appears on, and separating each store's items out for reporting later, that could work. The one stumbling block would seem to be payment, which I don't think can be overridden by product, and possibly shipping, which I think cannot either other than as flat-rate groupings.
> The payment part interests me on two levels, because I'd started the module uc_gateway_mediation and one of the requests is that it mediate based on currency, that is, choose the online merchant to use based on the currency in effect for that location.
> I'll contact you for a link if you think it will show me something, given that I'd only be looking at it from one country, and would not be seeing the admin side at all.
> Jeff
> On 10/20/2010 09:02 AM, Ian Bezanson wrote:
>> In the spirit of keeping my response on the list...
>> Jeff, you can contact me privately if you want a link to the site in question.  It was done under another company I worked with, so I don't want to take open credit for it :)
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>> On 2010-10-20, at 9:56 AM, Ian Bezanson wrote:
>>> I'm trying to remember, exactly :)  The one we'd done was actually the latter case you describe.  It was for a Jewelry company, based out of Halifax, NS, Canada with an online presence in Canada, US, Australia and a few other countries.  We built the system, off of a single install so that each product could display in a single country, or all countries.  I believe that the SKU was shared as well.  I don't think we'd used the Ubercart Domain Access module, but it sounds like just the ticket, as it will label a purchase of any SKU with the appropriate domain it was purchased under.  So.. I'm guessing the only custom-ish thing you may need to do is build an admin view to show reports per country, if that isn't a part of said module.
>>> So, long and short - if Widget was set as SKU 001 and was configured to be shown in US, Canada but NOT Mexico (let's say), it will appear on the Canadian and US domains, but would not show up as part of the Mexican storefront.  If you purchased from either US/Can, it will come through with the single SKU, marked somewhere in the system with that country.
>>> Not sure if that clarifies or helps :/
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