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I'll cautiously agree with that sentiment :)

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On 2010-10-20, at 10:40 AM, jeff at ayendesigns.com wrote:

> Right. What I meant is that it's not 'really' separate product catalogs, such as, for example, having a separate catalog taxonomy for each location, that it's one big catalog that appears (fudged) to be separate catalogs via controlling the visibility of each node.
> On 10/20/2010 09:37 AM, Ian Bezanson wrote:
>> Oh sorry... let me rephrase a bit.  No need, whatsoever to fudge the catalogs by domain, that's actually part of the domain access modules.  You have the ability to "show on all domains" or pick specific domains to show each node on.  So it should be extremely easy and straightforward to manage that bit.  I think we had set up separate payment processors for each domain, as well (this may have been a custom module, IIRC), so that piece is doable as well.
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