[development] apachesolr search not indexing on new machine

donald at fane.com donald at fane.com
Tue Sep 7 04:45:23 UTC 2010

I just updated apachesolr 6.x-1.0-rc3 to 6.x-1.1, then moved the code  
and the database to a new development server.
Now when I run cron nodes are marked for deletion, but no nodes are  
being added to the index which has zero nodes indexed now. With  
100,000 nodes, the 500 nodes at a time are going to take a while.
I'm guessing the database status is out of synch with the search  
engine, but delete index and re-index just seems to restart the delete  
multiple by id.
Any ideas on what might be wrong or how to re-synch things?


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