[development] Development platform?

Henrique Recidive recidive at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 03:57:11 UTC 2010

Try partitioning your disc and installing ubuntu on a separate partition.

Vista is slow on everything. If you need windows, install 7. If you do
well with opensource software, ubuntu+apt is all you need. If you are
considering switching your laptop and need something that just works,
buy a mac.

2010/9/11 Jeff Greenberg <jeff at ayendesigns.com>:
> I'm curious to hear what others are using as a development platform. I'm
> dying a slooooooow motion death on mine. I have a 2GHz dual-core laptop with
> 3Gb of memory running Vista. I decided I wanted to develop on Linux, so I'm
> running Vbox with Ubuntu 10.4 as the guest, with 1.5Gb of memory and 50Gb of
> disk (only using about 8) alloted to it.
> As I type this message, the letters appear a second or two after I've typed
> them (thankfully I'm a touch typer and it buffers). Don't even ask about
> running update.php or bringing up the modules page...several minutes each.
> In looking at the resource monitor, it's not memory (no paging is going on)
> but the CPU is pegged. All I have running is firefox, chrome and thunderbird
> at the moment. Jedit, which is much lighter than JavaBeans, etc., runs
> painfully slow too.
> So...ANY ideas (short of tossing the laptop and buying a real workstation)
> would be greatly appreciated!
> Jeff

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