[development] Development platform

AustinCMS chana at austincms.com
Sat Sep 11 13:31:55 UTC 2010

Agree completely with what's been said about Linux/LAMP. I bought an old,
Dell D420 (2006) laptop for a demonstration earlier this year of what you
do with older hardware and a LAMP stack. I have 1GB RAM, a 60GB HDD, and a
puny 800Mhz processor...and I'm churning along in Drupal quite decently.

I recently moved off-grid and I am unexpectedly having to rely on this
laptop (less
energy usage than my big dual-core desktop) ... but it works just fine.

(Side benefit to Linux development: it's just a heck of a lot more fun than
Windows! You're back in charge of your own machine - and that's a good

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