[development] Dealing with Cache

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Fri Sep 17 17:55:43 UTC 2010

On 9/17/2010 7:49 AM, blouhwtf wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I was wondering how you guys are dealing with cache/optimizations on
> your development machine, between drupal cache, panels cache, browser
> cache and other css/js compression settings etc.. I've found it
> difficult to deal with all of them.
> I have a feature/module that deal with production settings so i can
> develop without annoying production settings (css/js compression, drupal
> cache,  theme registry, devel settings among others...) and revert them
> back on production when the new release is online. Problem is i can't
> find a way to deal with panels cache.
> The question is: how can i find a way to disable panels cache easily
> while on a dev environment ? (using drush cc or emptying the cache with
> devel is still a pain)
> How do you guys are doing it ?
> Thank you !

The best way to easily disable the Panels cache would be to put some
kind of flag in the cache.inc plugin itself, probably. This might be a
good patch to provide to add a devel.module setting to disable Panels

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