[development] Drupal.org on HipHop

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Wed Sep 22 10:49:53 UTC 2010

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Hi there,

I've been following the development of Facebook's HipHop PHP compiler
since February with the intention of setting up a copy of drupal.org on
it. This has now been achieved, see http://driphop.drupal.org/

This runs on a copy of the database, so feel free to make any changes.
It uses bakery for authentication, so you should be able to log-in.

Please report any errors you notice in the infrastructure issue queue,
I've added a driphop.drupal.org component.

The website might be unavailable from time to time.

I have not yet done any proper benchmarks for this setup. The aim here
is to find bugs (the fastest php page is the one with a parse error
after all...).

Known bugs:

1) Due do some issue with the way URL rewriting works in Hiphop vs how t
works in apache, the homepage gives you a 404 but does actually show the
orange d.o box. /node does work, but does not show you the orange box...

2) The local task tabs lack some HTML that the CSS needs to render them
properly. Somehow the relevant theme function doesn't appear to get called.

3) I've had to remove three blocks that use PHP in the "pages" column.

4) Uploaded files are not available and none can be uploaded.

Thanks to Narayan for getting me a database and to the OSL for loaning
us another VM.

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