[development] Anonymous to Authenticated User Cookies

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I do this simply by using the "destination" query parameter. If you need more 
details on my code, we will have to take this off-list.
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Subject: [development] Anonymous to Authenticated User Cookies

I have the following scenario:

1. Anonymous user browses site.
2. He clicks on link (on Screen A) 
3. He is informed he must login to proceed further (-> to Screen B)
3. He clicks on "Register" which takes him to account creation (Screen C) and on 
form submit to Content Profile for profile creation (Screen D).

Client then wants newly-created and authenticated user to be taken back to 
Screen B. In other words - where he was trying to head before
being re-routed into creating an account and profile.

There seems to be a lot of discussion and proposed "solutions" for this scenario 
- but none that actually really work. Login Destination module
doesn't work because of Content Profile incompatibilities. AFAIK, LogonToboggan 
allows you to set a target after login - but not with the intermediate
step of Profile creation. I can get a user back to the page where he logged in 
IF he is already an authenticated user and logging in from the User Login box. 
But so far, that is the 

only scenario that works even remotely closely.

I'd like to understand better how cookies are managed in Drupal...especially 
going from an Anonymous session to an authenticated one under the scenario 

I'd appreciate info - or a link to a good resource, if possible...

Thanks in advance!

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