[development] using git, create patch with new files

Michael Favia michael.favia at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 20:40:03 UTC 2011

On 04/11/2011 03:32 PM, Dave Cohen wrote:
> On Monday 11 April 2011 13:09:20 Michael Favia wrote:
>> I'm no more  a"fan" of git than i am of drupal. Its a tool that has good
>> value if you know how to use it and can frustrate the hell out of you if
>> you dont.
> Let's just say it frustrates the hell out of me.  :)
So did drupal at first for me at least but we've grown accustomed to 
each other over the last 5 years. :)

> git diff origin<--- does the wrong thing, in my case
> git diff HEAD<--- appears to work
> git diff origin/6.x-3.x<-- appears to work, in my case
Your "origin" is a reference to a remote repository. That repository has 
a "default branch". It seems, at least in this case, that this default 
branch is NOT 6.x-3.x. This explains why the former failed and the 
latter worked for you. It probably looked like a ton of changes because 
it was set to the 7 branch or something :). The HEAD comparison is 
entirely local and what you really wanted to use anyway you cut it.

> Thanks for explaining that.
Anytime bud. You've saved me days with fb and associated work. Happy to 
help. if you ever run into specific issues hit me up in IRC.

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