[development] CCK and Node Access Duplicate Insert errors

nan wich nan_wich at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 18 21:04:40 UTC 2011

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This probably does belong in development, because I encountered something 
simialr last night building a D7 site from scratch. Well, actually, it probably 
should be in the D7 issues queue.

I had added a few images to articles, then realized I hadn't set the correct 
file path. I changed my filepath setting and went back to those nodes. I removed 
the current image, then added the picture again (same edit session). Every one 
resulted in this error. Worse, the error overlays the page with no way to clear 
it except to go to another page. AFAICT, the image was actually loaded again.
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From: Blaine Lang
I am working on an enhancement to the filedepot module for a multifile uploader 
- drag & drop files to a hotspot on the browser. It was all working nicely but 
now consistently getting duplicate entry errors in both the node_access and the 
CCK table 

The filedepot_folder is a node and the files are attachments - using the 
filefield CCK widget.
Duplicate entry '16-0-all' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO node_access (nid, realm, 
gid, grant_view, grant_update, grant_delete) VALUES (16, 'all';, 0, 1, 0, 0)
Duplicate entry '16-1' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO content_field_filedepot_file 
(vid, nid, delta, field_filedepot_file_fid, field_filedepot_file_list, 
field_filedepot_file_data) VALUES (16, 16, 1, 234, NULL, NULL) 

I've stripped the module code down to only the following and modules 
HOOK_nodeapi is just doing a return so no other code in filedepot should be 
$node = node_load($file->nid, NULL, TRUE);
$field = content_fields('field_filedepot_file', 'filedepot_folder');
$validators = filefield_widget_upload_validators($field);
$nodefile = field_file_save_file($file->tmp_name, $validators, 
// Need to populate the CCK fields for the filefield field - so node_save will 
update the CCK field
$node->field_filedepot_file[] = $nodefile;
// Clear CCK data cache so the new value will be loaded for display purposes
cache_clear_all('content:' . $node->nid . ':' . $node->vid, 'cache_content');
I was suspecting a race condition as the files I'm uploading are small test 
files and thought the node_save was not completed before another update was 
attempted but attempts to remove this potential race condition still cause the 
same issue.
Often the first 2 or 3 files get attached just fine to the folder node and then 
the next file triggers the SQL error then a few more may save ok and then SQL 
error but the pattern is not consistent. 
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