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Wed Dec 14 15:40:26 UTC 2011

Hey Nancy, not totally sure. It's a VPS server using XEN technology. If
anyone can point me on how to find out how much Virtual cores there are,
that would be great. But overall, multithreading should help weather it's
one processor or more as threads are lightweight compared to processes.

One issue that arose was an internal server error that occurred very very
rarely. It seems to be because PHP CGI processes terminate after getting a
specific number of requests (500 by default). So apache would abruptly find
the prcoess it was talking to terminated and would send a 500 error to the
client. That's resolved by either telling PHP never to terminate (and
risking memory leaks, which is low I presume?) or by setting the max
requests per thread in apache to something less than 500 (I set it to 490).

I'll write a post on D.O once I'm done with more testing. Here's what I'm
working on now:

1. APC doesn't work with this configuration (I don't use it anyway). Seems
this is resolved by installing php-fpm. I'll try to set it up in the coming
few days.
2. With this configuration, and using suexec I can run each virtualhost
using a different user. Now that's the ultimate security. If a site is
breached, even with PHP filter and exec function, they can't do damage to
any other site!
3. You get some added perks of giving each virtualhost its own PHP.INI
file, etc

As to going nginx+php-fpm. I don't know if I'm eager to ditch apache. Seems
like a MAJOR thing. I am, however, going to try to setup php-fpm with
apache. I will look into nginx later on of course and try to accumulate
some know-how to see if it's worth-while.

I assume you have a computer with multiple cores? Is there any reason to
> think it would do better with a single core machine?
> How about writing up your experiences on D.O?
> *Nancy*
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