[development] Creating submit and delete button with checkboxes in html format table

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Wed Jan 5 04:50:55 UTC 2011


I have fetched values from database and shown in html format table with the
code help fromDrupal Community in my module file something like belowin
figure 1. Now I have to create a check box infront of every row for deleting
and editing that row values. Above or below the html table I have to create
3 Buttons "NEW","DELETE","EDIT" as shown in figure 2.

"NEW" button should redirect me to form module where I have fields for
filling form values. Using check boxes I have to delete or edit the data.
How I can add buttons ,checkboxes and do my work.Please give me code .I am
new to drupal so need help of Community.

*Figure 1:*
 Slno Code Description Type Group  1 ABC Something bla bla one a
 2 XYZ
Some one

 *Figure 2:*

   SlnoProduct CodeProduct DescriptionUomProduct TypeProduct GroupPlant code
1P001Turmeric Root PowderKgRMBO0012P002Birds Eye Chilly
WholeKgRMBO0014P004Long Pepper WholeKgRMBO0015P005Mace WholeKgRMBO0016P006Neem
Leaf WholeKgRMBO0017P007Patchouli Leaf wholeKgRMBO0018P008Lemon Grass OilKg
RMBO0019P009Neem OilKgRMBO001

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