[development] Creating submit and delete button with checkboxes in html format table

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Please pardon me if this sounds harsh, but there should be hundreds of examples 
in your Drupal site already. Perhaps you could look at them first? Or maybe 
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Subject: [development] Creating submit and delete button with checkboxes in html 
format table


I have fetched values from database and shown in html format table with the code 
help fromDrupal Community in my module file something like belowin figure 1. Now 
I have to create a check box infront of every row for deleting and editing that 
row values. Above or below the html table I have to create 3 Buttons 
"NEW","DELETE","EDIT" as shown in figure 2. 

"NEW" button should redirect me to form module where I have fields for filling 
form values. Using check boxes I have to delete or edit the data. How I can add 
buttons ,checkboxes and do my work.Please give me code .I am new to drupal so 
need help of Community.
Figure 1:

1 ABC Something bla bla  one a
 Some one

Figure 2:

Product Code
Product Description
Product Type
Product Group
Plant code
1 P001 Turmeric Root Powder Kg RM BO 001 
2 P002 Birds Eye Chilly Whole Kg RM BO 001 
3 P003 Brahmi Whole Kg RM BO 001 
4 P004 Long Pepper Whole Kg RM BO 001 
5 P005 Mace Whole Kg RM BO 001 
6 P006 Neem Leaf Whole Kg RM BO 001 
7 P007 Patchouli Leaf whole Kg RM BO 001 
8 P008 Lemon Grass Oil Kg RM BO 001 
9 P009 Neem Oil Kg RM BO 001 


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